The research named “Rehabilitation Methods for Open Dumps and Its Global Applications: SmartEnvi EU Project” was presented by Res. Assist. Roda Gökçe YILMAZ ÇİNÇİN at the 6th EurAsia Waste Management Symposium on October 25, 2022 in Istanbul. The presented study was listened to by researchers, students and engineers studying about solid waste at the international symposium. In this presentation, the environmental damage caused by the open dumps and different rehabilitation methods used for the rehabilitation of the open dumps were mentioned. In addition, different Case Studies prepared by the project partners, which are the intellectual outputs of the SmartENVI project, were mentioned as global applications. Case Studies of rehabilitation studies using different rehabilitation methods were listened with interest by the audience. In addition, some information about the SMARTEnvi project and the web address of the project were shared with the audience in order to provide access to the project information.