The SMARTEnvi project involves different stages and participants. Each partner including associated partners have been involving their own networks and other main stakeholders in landfill sector and municipalities by sharing information with them. By doing so, the target groups can be informed about the concept, processes and outputs of the project. The informed participants will benefit from the project but also contribute better shaping the needs of the project’s target group. 

Within this concept, a visit by SMARTEnvi project coordinator, Gebze Technical University, was made to the İZAYDAŞ, which is 100% affiliated with Kocaeli Metropolitian Municipality and responsible for the management of municipal and hazardous solid waste. The Environmental Management System Officer of the company, Aysun Saraç, made a presentation about the vision and mission, policy, current technologies used in the plant and future planning of the company. After this presentation, SMARTEnvi EU project was introduced to the company manager, Muhammet Saraç and company employees. Then the sanitary landfill and waste burning plant facilities were visited.

İzaydaş has been established on May 1996 by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to process the projects within the scope of the Integrated Environment Project of İzmit. It is accepting wastes since 1977. The facility has accepted different type of waste (industrial, municipal, hazardous etc.) and consists of different disposal methods (