SMARTEnvi Project Team visited Kömürcüoda Landfill Plant operated by Istanbul Environment Management Industry and Trade Company Disposal Plant (ISTAC Inc.), Istanbul, Turkey

Prof. Selçuk Toprak, Prof. Banu Çetin, Assoc. Prof. Çiğdem Balçık, and Oğuz Dal of Gebze Technical University (SMARTEnvi project coordinator) performed a technical visit to the Istanbul Envıronment Management Industry and Trade Company (ISTAC Inc.), which is affiliated with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The visit included Kömürcüoda Sanitary Landfill Facility which is one of the sanitary landfill facilities operated by ISTAC. SMARTEnvi project was presented to senior and field staffs of ISTAC and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality: Semih Polat (ISTAC), Erol Tezcan (ISTAC), Ferhat Erbaş (ISTAC) and Kubilay Kaya (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality). After presentation and discussions, the project team and ISTAC staffs agreed to make a collaboration for improvement of project products by sharing information. After the meeting, the sanitary landfill was visited.

Istac Inc, Istanbul Environment Management Industry and Trade Company was founded in 1994 as an affiliation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, ISTAC INC. provides services in the fields of waste and environmental management in order to hand down livable cities to future generations. In order to prevent the environmental damages caused by waste generation, which accelerates with the increase in the amount of population and individual waste, as much as possible, to protect nature by reducing the use of limited natural resources, and to reduce the waste-based greenhouse gas emissions; ISTAC INC. primarily carries out some activities such as waste management (municipal, industrial, medical, and ship generated waste transportation and management, construction and operation landfill sites), city cleaning, recycling (incineration, biomethanization, refused derived fuel etc.), R&D service and environmental laboratory (